Who We Are

GMIA is the abbreviation for Gospel Music Industry Alliance.

GMIA exists to inform, resource, promote and unite those who are actively involved in the sector.

The GMIA is a registered limited company by guarantee status with the participation of  individuals, organisations and businesses through voluntary subscription .

It was launched on Wednesday 26th of October 2011.

It is led by the GMIA Executive Board consisting of the following members:

Juliet Fletcher – CEO (Founding Executive Board Member).  Portfolio: Churches & Communities.

Kevin Tomlin – Senior Executive  Portfolio: Music Historian.

Janet Simpson – Senior Executive Portfolio: Finance

Bazil Meade MBE – GMIA Ambassador

What we do – day to day

Since iits existence GMIA has been engaging in the following objectives:

OBJECT 1 An active network for all who work in the industry to connect and support each other, to make it easier for enquirers to find people and locate activities.

OBJECT 2 A knowledge bank and resource to all who want to find out more about UK British Gospel and engage with its professional experts, service providers and activities.

OBJECT 3 Acting as point of contact for external agencies and other bodies in the UK and overseas to ensure a voice for the industry is heard on issues and matters of interest that directly or indirectly affect the industry.

OBJECT 4 Encouraging the development of a greater industry infrastructure for increase creative productivity; economic growth; encouraging the professionalising and standardising of good business practice; sign posting specialist training and education and guide access to financing, funding and sponsorship information.

OBJECT 5 Curate, stage, initiate or collaborate in the creation of events, temporary and permanent displays, exhibitions, installations, archives  that sustain and maintain legacy and heritage of the music in any format material, digital or virtual which educate successive practitioners and well as the public to learn, appreciate, understand and participate in the inclusiveness nature of Gospel Music.

How to join GMIA

For more information on how to Subscribe to GMIA click here.