You can play an active part in the future of British Gospel Music by volunteering to work right where you are!

VOLUNTEERING: Can you spare a few hours on a weekly basis to give GMIA your invaluable contribution to the gigantic effort required in creating a national network of connectivity for our sector?

GMIA is always working at how everyone involved in Gospel music is recognised and connected right across the land. This may happen through virtual means, connecting us through webinars and other digital streams. Even with the power of virtual connections, nothing beats actually getting together on a local or regional level. Having contact with individuals who are passionate and care to see, not only the music but, each growing and develop in excellence at what we do. This will have a rollover effect Gospel Music continues as a cultural influence in our villages, towns and cities – contributing to the positive diversity and connection between each of us as interdependent human beings.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the GMIA Volunteers Team