Users Guide

Our starter User Guide will help you navigate key features and update your profile.

Table of Contents

Update your Profile Details

Select PROFILE | From here you can edit First, Last and Username/Nickname, update your Profile Photo, Cover Photo and Your Profile text.

Add GMIA Directory

From your PROFILE > DIRECTORY LISTING  available to Standard and Premium Plan Subscribers only 

From here you can add your details to the GMIA Directory by using the ADD LISTING option. We recommend you prepare a short biography to be included on your directory profile page beforehand.

Changing Account Password

Select ACCOUNT |  View your Current Password, change to a New Password and Confirm New Password.

Uploading Photos

Select GROUPS | From here you can request permission to join Groups that relate to your sector and peers, start conversations, and p


Select CONNECTIONS tab | List all the Member Subscribers you are currently connected with.

Connections Requests

From CONNECTIONS tab | REQUESTS | View all the Member Subscribers waiting to connect with you.


Select GROUP tab | At MY GROUPS available to Standard and Premium Plan Subscribers only, view and select access to all the Groups that match your sector and interest. 

Join your peers, start discussions, see upcoming events and post comments. 



Find your sharable referral link  by selecting MY DASHBOARD tab

Share the link with your friends,  colleagues and gospel music fans and earn £10 credit when they join a GMIA Subscriber plan. 

Use your credit towards upgrading your account.

Email Invites

Select PROFILE > EMAIL INVITES | Send email invites to persons outside of the Member Subscribers community, inviting them to join the platform.

Upgrading your Plan


Select RENEW CHANGE PLAN, use the dropdown to select the plan you would like to upgrade to and click SELECT PLAN.

You will be directed to the form payment page to complete your plan upgrade.

On completion, your new Membership Subscription plan details and updated expiry date will be displayed at PROFILE > MEMBERSHIP > SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Upgraded plans on the instalment option are valid once the recurring payments remain active. Your account maybe downgraded or suspended due to a failed payment.