The Maestro Online offers bespoke online lessons in vocals, piano and organ either via zoom or via a subscription library.  The courses are focused on developing musical skills such as transposition, improvisation, aural, the “inner ear”, theory and so forth by creating your own personal stylisations of famous song snippets.  The core musician is trained, enabling your to perform anything that you want any way that you want.

Online courses are in a digital format – enhanced PDFs.  They are magazines embedded with video tutorial videos on every page.

Courses are frequently requested by choir directors and individuals, including making tracks for choirs to rehearse with.  Bespoke courses are made for all.  The sight-singing courses are particularly useful for choirs and choir directors.

The Maestro Online is trained at a national level as a conductor with leading diplomas in vocals, piano, organ, PhD and conservatoire degree.

Currently working has a Creative Administrator for GL360 PA to CEO of GMIA. I am a singer Sing with AMC (Audrey Mattis Chorale) Member of THGC (Town Hall Gospel Choir) Event Manager

Speaker | Digital | Constant Learner | Background Mover (I made @UKGospel, amongst other things…) | Radio and Podcast Producer/Presenter

Juliet Fletcher is recognised as a pioneer of British Gospel Music. Under the call of God she left a promising Gospel singing solo career to focus on promoting others and developing a UK

Current CEO of GMIA working towards building the organisation.


Interview with Audrey Gray, Gospel Music Industry Alliance – Click here article