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We encourage all our Subscribers to become familiar with the support and services from the  music and funding organisations  below. 


Arts Council England – who we are: We are the principle funder and development agency for the arts in England. We invest public money from the government and the National Lottery to make sure everyone’s creativity is given the chance to flourish and we all have access to a remarkable range of high-quality cultural experiences. We’re looking for organisations, artists, events, initiatives and others to apply for our funding. This session gives you the opportunity to hear directly from three music specialists (Relationship Managers) about two of our most popular funding streams; National Lottery Project Grants and Develop Your Creative Practice.

National Lottery Project Grants is our open access programme. The fund supports thousands of individual artists, community and cultural organisations to run arts projects anywhere within England. Until 31 August 2021, the fund will focus on the needs of smaller independent organisations and individual practitioners

Develop Your Creative Practice (DYCP) supports Individual cultural and creative practitioners thinking of taking their practice to the next stage through things such as: research, time to create new work, travel, training, developing ideas, networking or mentoring.


Simplifying Copyright, Empowering Worship, Enabling Discovery. CCLI provides affordable licences that permit the legal use of copyrighted works during worship, social and ministry activities. CCLI customers also benefit from a range of applications that aid discovery and enable easy access to worship resources, from songs to videos to sheet music.


HelpMusician provides funding and social support at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career.

Music Managers Forum - MMF

Musicians' Union

The MMF UK is the world’s largest professional community of music managers. Since its inception in 1992, the MMF has worked to educate, inform and represent UK managers as well as offering a network through which managers can share experiences, opportunities and information. 

The MMF membership stands at over 1200 managers based in the UK and all around the world. The MMF aims to support managers’ continuous professional development within an evolving music industry, create and highlight opportunities to develop and grow artist businesses and provide a collective voice and leadership to affect change for a transparent and fairer music industry for artists and their fans.

Musicians’ Union is the UK trade union for all musicians representing around 32,000 members working right across the music industry.

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We stand up for employed and self-employed musicians working in every area of the UK music industry, including music education.

We work to maximise the employment and overall income of musicians as well as protecting and improving working conditions. We also offer advice, support and legal assistance based on every individual member’s needs.

We lobby government at all levels and campaign on a national and international scale on issues of relevance to our members.

We actively oppose all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination whether on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, colour, class, caring responsibilities, marital status, sexuality, disability, age, or other status or personal characteristic.


PPL licenses recorded music in the UK when it is played in public or broadcast and ensures that revenue flows back to our members. These include independent and major record companies, together with performers ranging from emerging musicians to globally renowned artists. In 2019 we collected £271.8 million while also distributing money to over 119,000 performers and recording rightsholders.


We invest in the future of music by supporting talent development and new music across the UK; enabling songwriters and composers of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world.

Since March 2000 we have supported over 7,300 new music initiatives to the tune of over £35 million. We do this through open grant schemes which are available to musicians and organisations and partnership programmes which we lead in response to specific needs and gaps in funding.

Because of our specialist knowledge of the music sector, our support is seen as an indication of quality and innovation. We are also proud to be widely respected as an adventurous, and straightforward organisation and to have established a strong track record as funder of a broad range of activity – from unsigned band showcases and professional development programmes to music commissions and composer residencies.


PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a membership organisation it works to ensure that creators are paid whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. In 2020, 22.4 trillion performances of music were reported to PRS for Music with £650.4m collected on behalf of its members, making it one of the world’s leading music collective management organisations.

Sentric Music

Founded in 2006, Sentric Music has grown to become a global, award- winning independent publisher.

Sentric Music believes that all artists, songwriters and performers should be able to access a global publishing deal without ever having to give up the ownership of their copyrights.

Sentric Music collects royalties when your music has been streamed, performed live, played on the radio or used on Youtube. Sentric gives you control to collect your royalties globally from one portal, with no upfront fees.