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Collect your global publishing royalties with Songtrust

If you are just collecting publishing royalties through your PRO (PRS in the UK), and don't have a publisher or publishing administrator in place, then you are leaving royalties due to you around the world on the table. Songtrust is the world’s first truly accessible, global publishing administration service, powering publishing administration for over 350,000 clients, representing over 3 million songs. We work with everyone from established, Grammy-nominated writers and producers, to music creators who are just starting out in their career and want to make sure they’re all set for collections. Songtrust makes it possible to ensure your songs are registered with pay sources around the world so you can easily collect the publishing royalties due to you.

Check out this video on why you may be missing royalties and how Songtrust can help. 

Download Songtrust's free 'Modern Guide to Music Publishing' to better understand your rights as a songwriter and how to manage them and collect everything you're due.

Download Songtrust MUSIC PUBLISHING GLOSSARY, useful guide to industry definitions.

Download SPLIT SHEET to protect your song rights.

GMIA Subscribers can benefit from 50% off the Songtrust $100 registration fee, request code at email

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