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Gospel Music Industry Alliance

What is GMIA ?

The Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) is a governing body for the Gospel Music Community in the UK and Ireland.

The GMIA offers subscription services that provide an online community, key resources, directory registration, and programs that support our Subscribers’ development at various levels.

The GMIA acts as a key representative with national and international creative industries bodies and funders, supporting initiatives that impact and improve our sector.

Click here to see how the GMIA defines UK Gospel Music and our organisation.  

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G.M.I.A hosted the second in a series of Town Hall Meeting 

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Bid Writing for Beginners by CNT Associates

Zoom Meeting

The presentation identifies the essential elements and skills that are necessary to construct and write competitive bids and tenders. This will be especially appropriate for…

Music Metadata by DDEX Webinar

Zoom Meeting

DDEX Webinar: Music Metadata and the many ways it is used (an introduction to cleanly identifying and describing music) DDEX is extending the successful series…


Music Metadata by DDEX Webinar

Zoom Meeting

DDEX Webinar: Music Metadata and the many ways it is used (an introduction to cleanly identifying and describing music) DDEX is extending the successful series…


Message from the Chairperson

— Tolu Adepegba

My hopes and vision for GMIA are for it to unite the UK gospel music industry in all parts of the UK, to work together and push forward a united representation of the musical landscape. Another is to optimise digital advancement for gospel practitioners and making GMIA the go-to for resources, advice, partnerships and more.

CEO Message

— Audrey Gray

As the recently appointed CEO of GMIA, I am keen to understand the issues impacting the gospel music community, not just during the COVID crisis but to work towards the matters that need addressing for long term gains. My main 2021 goals are to engage with initiatives and support projects that contribute to creatives and build the industry.


You are invited to donate to the work that we do by donating a set or any amount, to a particular area of development or apply accordingly.